Cairns, Australia - Day Three

Cairns Kuranda

Are you getting bored yet??

Day three saw us take a trip on a Sky Rail. It travels up a mountain, over a rain forest and is very, very, very high off the ground.

There are two platforms where you can get off and walk about in part of the rain forest and look out over the Barron Waterfall.

Hopped back into our car, just got off the platform and we STOPPED!!! A voice came over the speaker saying due to a TECHNICAL PROBLEM there would be a slight delay until the technicians came up from the bottom to fix the problem!!!

Let me OUT!!!! Gamma and I both assessed the situation in our minds and worked out we were not that high or that far off the platform that we couldn't be 'saved' if necessary.

As for the cars above us . . . dangling in mid air, not moving, very, very high off the ground . . .

By the time they had explained the technical issue in every language in the world we were on the move again. The journey just didn't have quite the same feel to it though!

At the top of the rain forest mountain is an amazing village called Kuranda. Its very touristy but very arty.

I loved the seats made out of railway tracks that were along the pathway leading to the village.

Some very eclectic looking shops selling ethnic clothing and jewellery.

Fabulous Aboriginal Art mural on a wall.

A sign that warms a girls heart . . .

as did the inside of this divine shop.

and to finish our day in Kuranda, a trip to the Butterfly Sanctuary, gorgeous, we love butterflies!

Then back to the Sky Rail (oh yahee . . .) before going down the mountain to Cairns.


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