Cairns, Australia - Day One


The Princess and I had a fabulous time away. Leaving cold and wet New Zealand to go to the hot tropics of Australia was just what was needed.

It was so nice to see the sun, feel warm, have no rain, spend lots of time with family, play tourists, relax and eat delicious food. The seafood was to die for!!!

After a long, 12 hour day of travelling, two flights and a four hour wait in Brisbane Airport we were totally exhausted when we finally arrived in Cairns.

Gamma (Babes mother, my mother-in-law) knew this, so on our first full day there she took us to a really cool playground called Muddy's down by the Esplanade. It was great, fresh air and the Princess was able to run around and let off some energy from being cooped up the day before.

Muddy's is the biggest playground I have seen, kind of like an adventure playground, lots of wooden and rope climbing frames. We had fun!!!

Here is the Princess taking a breather!

Gamma then took us to the "Bat Maternity" hospital which is situated behind the library in the middle of Cairns City. Its true, it is the Bat Maternity Hospital. They go there to have their babies. There are signs up around the base of the trees that say if you see a baby bat hanging on its own or has fallen to the ground you have to call the "Bat Ranger" who will come and rescue it!!!

There were 100's of bats hanging from the trees. Fascinating in a creepy kind of way!!!

Gamma made us a delicious dinner that night, Calamari (squid rings) big fat prawns and Morton Bay Bugs which are kind of like a mini lobster. Yummy!!! Gamma and her partner Gary introduced me to a Sparkling Burgundy wine which was delicious. Not as heavy as a red wine or as heady as a sparkling, a wonderful light combination of both. Very addictive!!!

And there ends Day One in Cairns. More tomorrow:)


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