Cairns, Australia - Day Four


My Mum arrived on the fourth day of our Cairns trip and brought with her a huge surprise, my 14 year old nephew, Taila!!! My youngest brother couldn't be at our brothers wedding (the reason we were all in Cairns) so Taila was sent with Mum to represent his side of the family.

Having Taila there was the best surprise!!! My Princess loves her big cousin, he is her "best cousin eva". She totally monopolised his time and he is so good with her.

So on the 4th day we did a family trip to a crocodile farm!!!! We spent all day there, it was amazing!!!!

Saw 100's of crocodiles, they are very scary in real life, very prehistoric looking with the coldest meanest eyes you have ever seen!! Some of them had names like . . . Bart and Paul . . . cute . . . not!!!!

We went on a crocodile feeding boat ride, saw a live snake show, a crocodile show, fed wallabies and spent ages watches a Mama Koala and her baby.

We started our visit off with lunch. From left to right, my Mum, Gamma my mother in law), the Princess, Taila and Gamma's partner Gary!!!

Followed by a boat ride to feed the crocodiles . . .

actually, you sit in your seat and watch them being fed chicken heads dangled from a very long bamboo pole. They come swimming from all over . . .

and leap out of the water and SNAP!!!!

My 5 year old Princess took those last two photos of the crocodiles, she's a budding photographer.

The cousins feeding tame, cute and non jaw snapping wallabies,

and finally Mama Koala Bear and her gorgeous baby. Precious!!!

Last Cairns post tomorrow which will be of the wedding and then back to regular posts about craft, thrifting and the complete house decorating redo I have planned.

Oh and an update on the physical well being of the various members of our home!!!

If it doesn't rain it pours and believe me it has been pouring here (literally!!!).

Nite Nite for now


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