Cairns, Australia - Day Five

Cairns the Wedding


was so beautiful, held on a beach under palm trees. Honestly, we could have been on some tropical Island somewhere in the South Pacific.

My brother Phillip and his new wife Nik (Nicole) are one of the nicest couples I know. They both have really dry, wacky senses of humour. All those sayings like, "salt of the earth", "what you see is was you get" "straight as the day was long" etc etc apply to these two. I love them so much!

My new sister-in-law blew us away. She is a tomboy, I have never seen her in a dress, with a hair do or with make up and look what she walked down the sandy beach path in . . . a vision in white, the veil, diamantes, hair and make up. She looked so gorgeous. True to herself under that gorgeous bride doll dress she had on a pair of silvery grey jandal/thongs/flip flops!!!! I did laugh when I saw them peeking out!!!!

The ceremony was beautiful, very personal and meaningful with humour thrown in!

Introducing in this photo, Nicole and Phillip , the newly wed bride and groom, with their 18 month old daughter Georgia Mary and our 14 year old nephew Taila. Oh and under that gorgeous dress is a 4 month pregnant tummy. We do things back to front in our family on occasion!!!

Here's the Princess, Taila and me holding Georgia Mary!!! Because I know you will all scrutinise this photo (well I would!) I have to say it is a foul photo of me. The heat made Mum and I blow up so much regardless of the huge amounts of water we drank. The Chinese Cheongsam dress ($30 at an Op/Thrift shop) acted like a tourniquet around my arms!!! It was a beautiful fit two days prior to the wedding. Natasha if you are looking at this you will see I am wearing the Prom hair clip you made!!!!

the Princess took this photo of Georgia Mary, Gorgeous!!!!

The reception (photo taken by 5 yr old Princess) was further down the beach. Such a magnificent setting.

Tables beautifully set, fabulous food, lots of seafood. The Princess filled her plate with her two faves, 6 huge pieces of fresh pineapple and a pile of shaved Parmesan cheese!!!

Beautiful wines, lots of bubbles and a nice selection of good New Zealand wines. A nice touch!

And at the end of it all, one completely exhausted little girl!!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments I have been getting about our holiday posts!!!

It was sad to come home to wet Auckland but really good to sleep in our own beds, the Princess and I had been sleeping on a swag, you Aussie girls will know what I am talking about!!!

The Princess immediately got an ear infection the minute we got home and a tropical skin infection on a grazed knee. Tom our Korean home stay son broke his ankle at soccer and is in plaster for 6 weeks. Between those two we spent all last weekend at medical centres or hospitals.

I now have a chest infection . . . I tell you!!!!

Otherwise all good here, happy and motivated!!!!


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