Bye Bye April

April was a great month for me, lots of good things happened and even though I didn't accomplish all that I planned I still got heaps done:

  • midterm tests,ü
  • university assignments due,  ü
  • school holiday fun with the Princess, ü we crafted, we visited, we slept in, we talked, we laughed, we walked, we shopped, we had friends over, we had fun!
  • a movie to go to,  never made it.
  • a trip to Kaikohe for Easter, went to the Cowboys and Whangaparoa instead.
  • a concert to go to, didn't get around to buying the tickets!
  • an art exhibition to go to, as above!
  • heaps of crap to sell, made a start on this and still going!
  • pain drugs to wean myself off,  had two goes at this and my pain level still too high to not take the pain drugs!
  • a writing project to resurrect,  moving right along!
  • and exercise this broken down body! as above!

I did other stuff, lots of other stuff, I made my twin nephews their birthday gifts, will post this later, and also scrap booked a photo album for one of the Cowboys birthday gifts. Will do a post about that later on as well!  I did heaps of fluffing around the castle and have posts to do about that too. I've also cooked a lot, baked cookies, cakes and tried new recipes.

But mostly spent time with my two most fave people in the whole wide world,


and him!

Come back tomorrow and see what I've got up my sleeve for May!

Rachael xo

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