I found out that I start University on 10th Feb rather than the end of Feb as I have to do a prelim maths course! This has put a bit of pressure on me as the Princess doesn't start school until 5 Feb!

I was banking on having most of Feb to myself so that I could get a whole lot of stuff sorted out, set up and done before I got full on into study life!

Oh well, l nothing like a bit of pressure!

It would be nice if the house sold soon, emotionally I have already moved on from this house and can't wait to have a new one to play in!

Its hard to stay motivated and fluff with this house but I did put this little stool in the family bathroom with some pretties on it the other day.

  • our visitors have all gone, tonight its just the Princess and I, home alone... lovely!
  • the Princess has her ears pierced, it was a family event, the wasband, my god-daughter, my god-daughters cousin and the Princess's wee friend all attended the event! She was so brave, not a tear shed!!
  • my plan to live to 100+ is going well, obviously as I am still posting - haha!!!
  • I know I keep harping on about my friends wordtoons but really worth a look, go check out the reviews he's getting from home school Mum's who have trialled it!
take care

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