Blogging from my bed!!!

its true I am!!!

the time is almost 9pm here in New Zealand on Sunday 31 January and its sticky hot with 100% humidity, I have had a busy weekend so I have retreated to my boudoir so to speak with my laptop, book, cup of tea, bottle of water, cellphone.....

my very best friend Mary Thistle visited yesterday bearing gifts of produce from her garden, lemons from her tree, fresh eggs from her chickens and a pack of farm raised steak!!!

because I had whined about sleeping poorly due to mosquito's buzzing around my head she bought me this zapper!!!! Mary I love you!!!

The Princess is away at the beach house with the Wasband so I have made good use of the time and cleaned up a storm.... I am ashamed to say that this house was not very pretty around the edges!

I wasn't very pretty around the edges either by the end of it so ran myself a bath with yummy bath salts, slapped a mud pack on my face and had a lovely long soak while reading my magazine.....

before slipping into a cool white cotton vintage styled nightgown ...

and taking to my bed!!!

take care


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