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It doesn't take much to get me excited these days, a little trip to Spotlight Craft Shop for some supplies. Can you see a colour theme going on here!! I am so excited because I bought Mod Podge for the very first time!!! You might not believe this but I had never heard of it until I started blogging. Oh Mod Podge where have you been all my crafting life???

I have switched my first colour love of pink back to red. Red is just darker pink anyway! I am just loving having 'pops' of colour around the house. The dresser is the dining area is one of my favourite spots at the moment. Its all about the colour!!!

I looked after my friend Nancy's girls on Sunday afternoon while she prepared a feast for their Chinese New Year's Eve. My child minding turned into another little 'learn to sew school'!! Here are the girls with the lavender hearts they stitched together using fun felt, embroidery floss and a button!

Yesterday I spent the day preparing for my new Korean home stay son and loading items to sell on Trade Me and the Rose Room website.

Today the Princess has a little friend over to play, they are downstairs with the Barbies. We raced around like mad things this morning posting parcels and buying a new school bag and school stationary. The Princess is going to a different school this year. We have been lucky enough to get her into a lovely and hard to get into Christian School. It is much smaller than where she was and is more family orientated.

For the rest of the day I am going to continue with my stock updates and make a few more fabric flower pins before I move on the next project.

Check out the One World - One Heart international blog giveaway event if you haven't already. There are 600+ participants all with fabulous giveaways. Its incredible!

If you want to enter my giveaway click and comment this post right here! I have never had so many comments in all of my blogging life!!!

Take care and bye for now


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