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Since early December The Princess has had a never ending stream of 5th birthday party invites, almost one to attend every weekend.

I have got really tired of buying and seeing the same old kinds of gifts for little girls, Barbie, Bratz, Little Pet Shop etc,

I give Stella's really close little friends, the one's who come to her tea parties, a vintage English China trio set, cup, saucer and side plate for their birthday gift.

The rest of the little girls get paper doll books, tiara making books, something like that anyway.

However I came up with a brain wave for the the little girl who's party we attended yesterday. This little girl got an apron I had made the night before, her own cup cake recipe, mixing bowl (couldn't find pink), spatula, cup cake papers and sprinkles.

I also covered a wooden A for her with pretty paper.

Here it is all wrapped up, not my best wrapping, it was done 10 minutes before the party!!!

It was such a hit with the other Mum's that I am taking orders!

We have been to 10 pin bowling, indoor playground and swimming pool parties.

This one was at a gorgeous Fairy Shop called the Enchanted Forest where they have fairy rooms for children's parties and are entertained by a real live fairy.

My Princess is the pink fairy in the corner.


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