Bed Hair!

my post title amuses me!

ah well, small minds are easily amused! lol

so bed hair... bed hair can be good bed hair, or bed hair can be bad bed hair,

in my case this morning bed hair was bad bed hair, very bad bed hair!

I was scheduled to do a recorded Skype testimonial with Dr Bob, who wrote Break Free from the Affair, the book that saved my life after my marriage breakup with the wasband.

Between Dr Bob and I we messed the time up, he being in Florida and me being in Auckland and it ended up being an impromptu online interview at 8am this morning...

oh it was not pretty... I had planned to be groomed etc for this, not bleary eyed and bed hair on end!!

but you do what you have to do for your Doctor's and I do love my Doctor's, Dr Bob (author of Break Free) - life saver, Dr Vic (chiropractor) - victimisation, Dr Phil (famous man on TV) - intervention, Dr Peter (general practitioner) - medication... etc etc

so you can be sure that if my little live testimonial ends up on his website or youtube I so will not be giving you all the link!!!

take care

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