Another Addiction

The Princess Thrifting

First things first, this is a continuation of my last blog really, where I just happened to mention that I have an addiction! Actually I have many addictions, I have heard some people are just that way, easily addicted, I know I am one of them and it really it does not take that much for me to become addicted or obsessed with something . . .

Today I went to the Doctor because I have had an evil sinus infection for over 2 weeks, and no I was not going to get more drugs to feed an addiction it was more what happened on the way there and back. So bad is this particular addiction that I will sacrifice many things for it, for example, I ended up being late to the Doctor because I just, just could not resist the trip into the 2nd hand store on the way, which by the way yielded nothing in the way of treasures.

And then after the Doctor on the way to get my prescription (for the non addictive drugs) I had to do a wee detour as in major swerve to a Sallie Army store just in case they had the find of the century, which of course they didn't. But I did get a few wee treasure to feed this particular addiction so that was all good . . . 2 books to cut up; Shabby the Sheep Dog and a David Austin Roses, 6 blue damask napkins, 4 rose bud x stitch napkins, little x stitch bag, 6 Belgium Tapestry doilies, a dressing table set mounted on card and best of all, pink vintage lace on its original card which I was more enthralled with than the lace itself! So all in all an addiction well fed!

The second part of this posting is about my Princess. I am sitting at the top of my landing waiting for my Princess to go to sleep. I love my Princess more than life itself (she was hard to come by), I love her so much, but for four years each night at 7.30pm, the dreaded bedtime she drives me crazy (more crazy than normal). She is such a good girl, every night we go to bed, have stories, prayers, kisses and hugs and then if we are lucky she is asleep by 9.30pm at the earliest. She doesn’t get out of bed but she doesn’t go to sleep either. This would not be so bad except we have a 2 story house and she refuses to stay upstairs on her own. Most nights I turn into a deranged mad woman pacing the landing, muttering and promising all sorts of vile and dreadful threats until finally she gives in and sleeps. By that time I am so stressed and shattered I collapse into bed in a heap! Sometimes I even go to sleep before she does!

I need Super Nanny, I have watched the TV programmes, read the books etc etc and can't break her habit, everything seems to focus on them getting out of bed which she doesn’t do . . . urrrgh, does anyone out there have something new I can try???

Yours in deprived craft and big people time, Rachaelx

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