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Jenn left a comment that reminded me of a little story about my blog banner. I have told it before on here but there is now a twist to it....

to cut a long story short... I bought the print in a thrift store (Op Shop) in Coburg, Melbourne about 5 years ago for $35Aus.

Couldn't afford it at the time but just had to have it. Was living there with my best friend Mary Thistle as I had left the Wasband after finding out about his first affair (tedious I know!!)

anyway, aside from falling in love with the beauty of the print, it spoke to me, it represented peace, tranquility, innocence, love, beauty in life... a whole lot of things I was having trouble believing in at that time in my life.

I used to have it displayed in my shop, a customer once offered me a $1000 for it and I declined!

Just before Christmas I was doing one of my periodic searches on the artist A.Collino when I found a print smilier to mine on EBay Australia. The opening bid was $10,000 or you could buy it for $20,000!!!! I kid you not!!!

I made the mistake of telling my family about it over Christmas, "SELL" was the unanimous opinion, "NOPE" said I....... it means more to me that $20,000!!!

Somethings are priceless!

On a smaller scale, I spent $16 today on 8 plants to pretty up my front gardens, street appeal for the potential buyers!

They just need to grow.

and another chore got crossed off the very long "To Do" list, tidying up the laundry area.



if I was staying in this house I would have prettied it up with baskets, old linens etc but I'm not so.....

a little lavender and the Rosemary heart is my lot. My youngest brother and I picked the Rosemary from my Mum's garden the night after our Granny's funeral 3 years ago and wove it around the heart to symbolise 'remembrance'!

and some random bits and pieces...

  1. I was woken this morning at the crack of dawn by a demented old women (my Mum) yelling out "you hoo........time for a walk, you need it for your health and fitness, you will love it" She always says "you will love it" when it is something you are going to dislike, maybe even hate! Anyway got her back, made her walk up a big grassy hill... ha ha.
  2. I am desperate for chocolate right now, might have to walk to the supermarket...very rarely do I crave chocolate but right now I am!
  3. Sorry lovestitches, I can't even hand wash Melanie, her skin is so very thin..... and Ele believe me you would not want to see her naked body!
  4. did you know that watching TV reduces your life span by at least 46%, even 1 hour a day of sitting watching TV is bad for you. Blocked arteries, diabetes etc. Imagine what reading a book or sleeping for 8 hours could do.....(was on the news tonight!)
so if I don't post ever again, it will be all that unhealthy sleeping, flat on my back, that has caused my untimely departure from this blog.....

its been lovely....

take care

Mel, they do have such interesting lives, the taxi is priceless! or pricey!!!
Melanie's worst to date was sailing through the air and landing head first into the toilet, I laughed till I cried, the Princess just cried and Daddy had to retrieve Melanie and console the hysterical child!!!
I hope Melanie makes it to 14 years old!!!

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