A Poem for Me


Shes cuter than a little elf,

and is sweeter than sugar its self.

Shes my honey pie,

with a twinkle in her eye.

She would hate to eat a pea,

but definitely likes tea.

Shes scared of birds,

and dislike herds.

She loves the color black,

and has broken ribs in her back.

She also likes red,

and her big bed.

She always reads a book,

and is a good cook.

She picks flowers for her guests,

when they come to rest.

She has a antique collection,

and votes for John Key at a election.

She plants things,

and wears lots of rings.

She likes to dance,

and wants to go to France.

She eats nuts,

and is a bit of a clutz.

I love my mum,

and shes a lot of fun.

By the Princess

She acted it out to the Cowboy and I last night, complete with stage setting and props! 


Rachael xo

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