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The very talented Sara at Sadie Olive held a "I see red" show and tell last week, it was so successful she has decided to follow it through with "Shades of Inspiration". This weeks colour is green, to participate all you do is post pictures of green things in your life on the flikr she has set up for "Shades of Inspiration" and if you want to on your blog as well. This gorgeous button is enough to make you want to join up!

My poor Princess is sick this week, she has a bad ear and throat infection and is off school and staying home with Mummy.

To soothe her soul and her throat I made her this green jelly which is my green contribution to "Shades of Inspiration"!

Now for a little catch up, you may recall that back here I made the grand announcement I was taking a blogging break because I needed to de-clutter, reorganise, catch up etc.

Well in between my on going chest infection (since late February), working at Babes work and the usual house tending, wifey, mummy stuff, I have been de-cluttering and reorganising and catching up.

I caught up with my swaps and posted them, caught up with the yukky tax stuff and reorganised the paper work, will show you all that in another post. I did the ironing, actually Mum might have done that, thanks Mum and tidied The Princess's wardrobe.

I also cleaned and reorganised my pantry.

And miraculously it still looks like this!

I am also in big selling mode. I sold all The Princess's clothing that was too small and am now working my way through excess shop stock.

I am selling it on Trade Me and like to play around creating 'scenes' with the stock for sale such as this one. Aside from the bed and drawers everything else is listed for sale on the Internet. I normally get really good prices if I do a 'scene' I must be good at making scenes!!!

In this photo only the chenille bedspread is for sale. I really wanted to keep it as it looks divine on my bed and picks up the colours in my precious print. However, Babes has been known to sleep in this bed with me (if he is not away on business like he is now) and while I can push the pink and shabby chic a bit I think he would draw the line with this, he has a rare and strange aversion to vintage chenille!

So that's a bit of what I have been up to recently.

See you around!


p.s. sadly the garage still looks like this...

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