A Leave of Absence

Georgia Organisation Swaps The Princess Thrifting

I need to stop and catch my breath and catch up on a whole heap of stuff that needs to get done!

Its been a busy time, what with getting The Princess organised and settled into big school. Thanks for all the lovely and comforting comments , she took to school like a duck to water. As so many of you mentioned it is often harder for the Mummy's. Oh yes!!! And yes, it is her school uniform, check out the Barbie back pack though!

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to my brother Phillip, his partner Nic and my sweet niece Georgia Mary, who we got to meet and fall in love with. I can see a visit to Cairns, Australia on the cards later this year.

As a little consolation prize I did a little thrifting. LOOK! Gorgeous Italian pottery, vintage perfume bottles and vintage laces and trims. Happy, happy me!

Now, I am going to take a little bloggy break, for about three weeks. I'll lurk around behind the scenes but won't post and probably won't comment on your blogs.

Reason is I have to get myself organised and get stuff done. This is a half completed swap and there are two others I have signed up for and also to make a card for Karla's Aunty, attend a Swashbucklers party and goodness knows what else!

I HAVE to get these yukky tax things and accounts for the shop done, like yesterday!

Clean out the closets, this one is The Princess's, all the others look similar!

Do the ironing I started three weeks ago and just keep adding to. This is what greets people when they enter our home at the moment. Nice, NOT!!!

And then there's the little matter of our garage, I think some people keep cars in theirs, Babes would like to keep a car in there! As you can see I keep other things in my garage, furniture, vintage carpet, vintage stuff, craft stuff, junk . . .

Aside from these little issues I also need to sell stuff, make money . . .

So, I will be back and when I do I'll post the after photo's to show you my new clutter free, completely up to date house and life!!!!

Until then

Bye . . .

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