A Busy Week

Anniversary Holidays Pat

I have been working all week, no not milking cows . . . . at Babes work. I go down there when their stock shipments come in and help unpack and put away the new stock. Very physical work, I enjoy it because I don't have to do it day in and day out!

Babes grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary party plans are coming together. We are doing a lovely luncheon for them this Sunday. Imagine being married for 60 years !!!!

My stepfather is very, very ill and is in hospital. If you could say a little prayer for his well being and comfort it would be very much appreciated.

I am off to pick my Princess up from school. Two weeks school holiday starts on Monday yahee!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Bye . . .


p.s. spring weather, sunny!!!!

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