A broken heart

Just over a week ago my 12 year marriage to Babes ended shockingly and suddenly with the added complication of a third party presence.

Its very difficult to accept as I thought we had a relatively stable and harmonious relationship. We certainly provided the Princess with a happy home life.

The depth of my hurt and pain is unbelievable and at times feels unbearable.

In saying that I have dug very deep and pulled up an inner strength I didn't know I had to get the Princess and I through this in a way that will have the least long term damage, particularly on her.

I have been reading and writing, making tiny tentative plans that are helping to empower me to work towards the bright and sunny future the Princess and I have ahead of us.

We are so very lucky to be cushioned by the loving support of family and friends.

We are going to make it through this, with or without Babes, and be better for it.

I am going to try and blog everyday, keeping my future posts light and positive with lots of pretty things to show and tell!

I was going to clean my house today which is not so pretty but I think I will take a little 'me' time and paint my toes or something!

Take Care

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