100+ Hours Later . . .

and the party is over! Like all good parties it finished much later than scheduled!

It was so much fun, I have met so many new friends, my Google Reader subscription is now looking very scary . . .

There are so many great blogs out there, so much talent, humour and creativity. I loved seeing where everyone blogs from and loved reading the answers to the questions, lots of laughs:))))

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who 'partied' either by participating or commenting or both.

Now for the prize draws,

the winner of the Shabby Chic makeup bag is . . . . . .
Victoria at Vintage Tea - congratulations Victoria:)

the 10th person to link and post on their blog and win a paper doll dress was . . . . . .
Muriel at Muriels Diaries - congratulations Muriel:)

and the winner of the paper doll dress for the comments left
was . . . . . . .

Jen at Windy Ridge Chronicles - congratulations Jen:)

I have read many beautiful American blogs over the last three days, many of whom have been honouring Memorial Day, it has been a very touching 'education' for me, the 'real' side of what TV and newspaper news does not report in depth.

Blessings to those who gave their life for their country and to the families left behind.

Rachael xo
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